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Kunshan Haixu Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. entered the electroacoustic manufacturing industry in the early years. After years of development, it has formed the capability of simultaneous production in Jiangsu and Guangdong. The product range includes buzzer, capacitor electret microphone, buzzer and horn. Among them, buzzer products include: electromagnetic DC series, electromagnetic AC series, piezoelectric DC series, piezoelectric AC series and patch series. The products are widely used in home appliances, lighting, medical treatment, communication, security, scientific research, chemical industry, national defense and other fields.

After years of market exploration and accumulation, our company has the excellent performance ability to deal with non-standard products. We help customers optimize and match product parameters at the first time to minimize the defect rate of products. Buzzer is not a basic general component, and the parameter and improvement of products are very important. In the production process for many years, our company has developed a set of advanced production processes suitable for our company, which solves the circuit board welding, glue filling and shell connection of products, and has been completed by fully automatic robots; In the process of product sound detection, we have developed an automatic product identification detector, which completely eliminates the mixing of products. These are the process standards that peers do not have in the electroacoustic manufacturing industry, and Haixu technology has achieved.

After years of development, Haixu technology electroacoustic products cover three markets: high, medium and low, and meet the needs of all levels. Now the north and South factories produce at the same time, and the market proportion is more perfect and more delicate, which is needed by the market. In a real sense, it completes the timeliness of delivery at the first time, improves the operational efficiency for customers, and thus wins more market share.


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