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  • How to test the chip buzzer


    Because of the continuous development of the information industry, the need for related electronic components is also growing, SMD buzzer is a typical representative. They are usually used in small electronic equipment, such as Bluetooth, back-up radar, personal medical equipment and so on. Therefore, in order to ensure its application results, we also need to pay attention to the buzzer in the daily search, the following content for friends detailed description.

  • Electromagnetic buzzer: What is an electromagnetic buzzer?


    Electromagnetic Buzzer The magnetic buzzer is similar to the piezoelectric buzzer in that it is used to produce sound. But the core functions of a magnetic buzzer and a piezoelectric buzzer are different.

  • Analysis of the causes of common failures of the buzzer?


    In a previous article we also introduced some of the problems of the buzzer does not sound, today we will list a more detailed list of failure problems, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the common failures of the buzzer. Now Changzhou Soundstar takes you to understand.

  • The piezoelectric buzzer mainly consists of a multi-harmonic oscillator


    1. Piezoelectric buzzer Piezoelectric buzzer is mainly composed of multi-harmonic oscillator, piezoelectric buzzer, impedance matching device and resonance box, shell, etc.. Some piezoelectric buzzers are also equipped with light-emitting diodes on the shell.


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