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  • Buzzer composition principle and positive and negative orientation identification


    Buzzer manufacturers to introduce you to the buzzer composition principle and positive and negative orientation identification:.

    Buzzer in buzzer is also called piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, which is one of the most widely used products in piezoelectric ceramics.

  • What is included in the inspection specification of the SMD buzzer


    Due to the continuous development of the information industry, the demand for electronic components related to it is also growing, and SMD buzzers are typical of them. They are generally used on small electronic devices, such as Bluetooth

  • Electronic components knowledge detailed explanation of the buzzer chapter


    Detailed professional knowledge: inductive buzzer is an electronic device that uses a magnet coil to pronounce the effect of the buzzer chip, divided into two types of digital amplifiers and microwave inductors, digital amplifier buzzer access to DC power can pronounce, microwave inductor buzzer must manipulate the data signal to complete the sound generation.

  • What are the unique features of piezoelectric buzzers?


    Regarding the range of use, buzzer can be used in many such products, for example, gas alarms, burglar alarms, said alarm vehicle speed, navigation, car audio equipment and cars, also can be used in various household appliances, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, microcomputer control, toys, teaching aids, etc.


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