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What is included in the inspection specification of the SMD buzzer

Due to the continuous development of the information industry, the demand for electronic components related to it is also growing, and SMD buzzers are typical of them. They are generally used on small electronic devices, such as Bluetooth, reversing radar, personal medical equipment, etc.. So in order to ensure their use, we usually test the buzzer when there is a need to focus on the place, the following content for you to introduce in detail.

First of all, the appearance of the inspection.

1, the buzzer surface clean, no damage, dirt, deformation and other mechanical damage, consistent color, and has the specification model, polarity mark.

2, the outer packaging box of the chip buzzer should be standardized, neat and tidy, and with product identification, should be free of damage, dirt and other undesirable phenomena.

3, the product label is clear, the content should indicate the material name, specification model, quantity, production date, product manufacturers and other identification.


In addition to the above three points that need attention, when inspecting the buzzer, we also need to pay attention to their specifications and polarity markings, try to ensure that the character markings are not less than three-quarters of the entire character mutilations, no unmarked, poorly marked and other undesirable phenomena.

Next is the size of the inspection.

When testing the size of the buzzer, we can use the caliper tool. Use calipers to measure the buzzer body size, pin spacing, and pin size, and then try to match with its corresponding PCB board after the test.

In addition to the above two inspection criteria, in the daily use of SMD buzzer, but also to ensure that their production date should be within six months, otherwise reject. Only completely do the above points to ensure that their use is within the operating specifications

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