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What are the unique features of piezoelectric buzzers?

1. Piezoelectric buzzer is more widely used

Regarding the range of use, buzzer can be used in many such products, for example, gas alarms, burglar alarms, said alarm vehicle speed, navigation, car audio equipment and cars, also can be used in various household appliances, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, microcomputer control, toys, teaching aids, etc.

2. Can emit more sound

Since the piezoelectric buzzer is controlled by electronic circuits, it can emit various analog sounds and very loud, intermittent sounds. Pure sound, noise can not be easily enveloped.

3Ability to save power

Piezoelectric buzzer is voltage driven, so they consume less current, usually less than 20 milliamps and less than 100 milliamps.

In addition to the three advantages mentioned above, piezoelectric buzzer does not produce arcing or RF noise, the absence of interference from other lines, and the effect of controllable frequency sound that can be made by the level of the scale. In some special cases, the LED can be multiplexed and the control port.


Piezoelectric buzzer we have certain inquiry, also will explain how should be selected, the effect of electromagnetic buzzer can not be separated from the design, so you know the design of electromagnetic buzzer need to pay attention to what? Let's take a look at the following design points of the electromagnetic buzzer.

According to the analysis of the power consumption of enterprise products and resonant frequency, to determine the study of the resonant cavity structure development method;

Need to know the relationship between the magnets is proportional to the remanent magnetism and low resonant frequency;

The mass of the counterweight piece is inversely proportional to the size and frequency of the vibration;

The current consumption is inversely proportional to the coil impedance.

The size of the magnetic gap is inversely proportional to the electroacoustic conversion rate and sensitivity.

Because there is no movable contact part, it has a long life, high reliability, and can be used continuously with efficiency up to 10,000 hours through more than semi-permanent construction equipment.

Will not produce flying arc or RF noise, and will not interfere with other lines.

Will not have many vibration problems

Electronic circuit for control, can issue a variety of pleasant sound or simulated sound, intermittent sound, pure tone, will not be enveloped by noise.

Excitation voltage, the current consumption is small, usually less than 20mA, not more than 100mA.

The volume is small and large. Volume can reach 70db/20cm, the thickness of the component is less than 1mm

Wide operating temperature range.

Piezoelectric buzzer is very easy to install, no electromagnetic coil or moving coil, insulation deterioration, no need to worry about possible leakage.

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