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Analysis of the causes of common failures of the buzzer?

In a previous article we also introduced some of the problems of the buzzer does not sound, today we will list a more detailed list of failure problems, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the common failures of the buzzer. Now Changzhou Soundstar takes you to understand.

1, if the active buzzer does not sound before installation, this is certainly a quality problem belonging to the active buzzer itself, directly contact the manufacturer on the line;.

2, SMD buzzer in the welding after the time of no sound, the possible reasons for this is because the welding process using the power of the soldering iron is too large or welding time is too long, resulting in SMD buzzer internal is heated up, resulting in the buzzer pins and coils between the welding point is also melted by high temperature, resulting in the emergence of the phenomenon of false welding. It is recommended that when soldering the buzzer, the soldering time of each solder joint should not exceed 3 seconds.

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3After soldering, the buzzer may have a smaller sound or a raspy sound. This may be caused by the current flowing through the buzzer in the circuit being too small or too large (see the article: How large is the driving voltage and current of a general buzzer?) .

4, passive buzzer after a period of use there is no sound or the sound has changed, this problem may generally be caused by the passive buzzer beeping too long, resulting in damage to the buzzer. We generally recommend that the buzzer contact sounding time should not exceed 8 to 10 hours. Of course, it may also be influenced by the surrounding environment.

5, the buzzer in the welding will appear after the sound is not right, but the buzzer will be removed on the DC regulated power supply for testing and is normal, generally this situation is the buzzer is subject to other signal interference, as long as the source of interference will be found to shield it on the line.

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