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How to test the chip buzzer

Because of the continuous development of the information industry, the need for related electronic components is also growing, SMD buzzer is a typical representative. They are usually used in small electronic equipment, such as Bluetooth, back-up radar, personal medical equipment and so on. Therefore, in order to ensure its application results, we also need to pay attention to the buzzer in the daily search, the following content for friends detailed description.

The surface of the test.

1. buzzer surface clean, no damage, dirt, deformation and other mechanical damage, uniform color, and has the specification model, polarity mark.

2. The outer case of the chip buzzer should be standardized, clean and with product identification, and there should be no damage or dirt and other undesirable phenomena.

3, the product label is clear, the content should explain the material designation, specifications, number, date of manufacture, product manufacturer and other identification.


In addition to the above three points need to pay attention to, when searching the buzzer, we also need to pay attention to its specifications and the polarity of the logo, although ensure that the character logo is not less than three-quarters of all characters. , there is no unmarked, unmarked and the rest of the bad phenomenon.

Next is the size of the test.

In measuring the size of the buzzer, we can apply calipers object. Use calipers to measure the size of the body of the buzzer, the pin spacing and the pin size. After the search, please apply the corresponding PCB board to realize the test.

In addition to the above two search criteria, in the daily application of SMD buzzer, but also to ensure that its manufacturing date should be within six months, otherwise be rejected. The only way to adequately achieve the above points, we can ensure that its application in line with the operation of the specification.

The primary interview provides information on relevant and intense components, such as environmental tendency trends, environmental tendency scale, angular landscape growth trends, and prospects. These components help to validate and enhance the consequences of the secondary research, and in addition help to enhance the analytical team's listening to the environmental trends.

By sending a series of cadences to the buzzer, you can create musical melodies, extra-resulting sounds, alarms, and more. The buzzer is not very large, but can be heard in the vicinity of your project. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to connect to a function to make a sound.

A buzzer is different from a speaker that plays audio, if you want to make a project that can load and play music.

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